Black cumin oil "Baraka" and immune-stimulating tonic, 100 ml, Sri Lanka

Black cumin oil "Baraka" and immune-stimulating tonic, 100 ml, Sri Lanka

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Black cumin oil "Baraka" and immune-stimulating tonic, 100 ml, Sri LankaШирокий выбор товаров в интернет магазине EXSPRESSCHEAP.

Baraka Black seed Oil Organic black cumin oil, first cold pressed from selected, organic seeds.
Black seed oil Baraka, 100 ml
Black cumin has a history of over 5,000 years.
Black cumin oil is one of the safest and natural plant extracts for humans, is considered one of the most healing oils of all time.
Properties of black seed Oil Baraka:
strengthens the immune system;anti-inflammatory;antipyretic;cholagogue;antiviral;antibacterial;de-worming;antifungal;normalizes the process of digestion;restores metabolism;cleansing the body of toxins;relieves hangover syndrome;the excretion of sand and stones;normalizes blood pressure;promotes weight loss;relieves itching and irritation, tones and regenerates the skin.Black seed oil Baraka obtained by mechanical means, by cold pressing, from selected organic seeds, no chemicals and no preservatives, following the highest standards and sanitary norms at all stages of production, which is confirmed by international certificates.
Black seed oil Baraka useful due to its content of over a hundred components such as aromatic oils, trace elements, vitamins and enzymes.
The oil contains 58% of essential fatty acids, including omega-6 and omega-3. They are necessary to balance and strengthen the immune system, giving strength to the body, to prevent infection, allergies, and fight chronic diseases.
Black seed oil Baraka used for:
the normalization of blood sugar levels;improvement of the cardiovascular system;restore and maintain the liver;immune support;improve memory;relieve tension and stress;relieve fatigue;withdrawal toothache and headache;improve vision;facilitate States in asthma and bronchopulmonary diseases;of joints and ligaments;improve digestion;slimming and weight control;prevent hair loss and formation of gray hair;a healthy complexion.In General, black seed oil Baraka has an immunostimulating effect by acting on the thymus, responsible for the body's defenses.
adults 1H.l. twice a day, morning before eating and at night
children over 3 years ½ -1 tsp once a day.

It is not a medicine



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