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Pillow "S Japan" natural latex "52 x 32 x 11/6/9" 1.36 kg EXSPRESSCHEAP, Sri Lanka

100% NATURAL, ECO-FRIENDLY, NON-GMO. Shipping cost from Russia is calculated in the shopping cart.

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Купить Pillow "S Japan" natural latex "52 x 32 x 11/6/9" 1.36 kg EXSPRESSCHEAP, Sri Lanka в интернет магазине - ExspressCheap - по выгодной цене.
Pillow "S Japan" natural latex "52 x 32 x 11/6/9" 1.36 kg EXSPRESSCHEAP, Sri Lanka: характеристики, отзывы, описание, обзор, фотографии. Широкий выбор товаров в интернем магазине ExspressCheap

Natural latex orthopedic pillow from the "S Japan", has a small size and is suitable for children of school age and for people who sleep on low pillows. The elasticity of the cushion 60-65%

Composition: pillow 100% natural latex. The set includes: Pillow latex outer covering for the cushion - 100% cotton with zipper packaging for pillows.

Natural latex pillow to improve the curvature of the human spine. It is evenly balanced and provides an ideal loft for proper spine alignment.
Adapting to the body's contours and evenly supporting the spine, natural latex pillows provide the perfect, deep sleep.
The natural antimicrobial properties contained in natural latex, resistant to dust mites, other allergens and mold. The range of pillows is made in accordance with the European, French and Spanish standards and come in various designs and sizes.

What is natural Latex?

Natural latex is a milky substance harvested from rubber trees (havea brasiliensis) which are grown in tropical climate plantations around the world. Most of the plantations are located in Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Vietnam and Sri Lanka. Natural Latex is a biologically clean material and is naturally resistant to mold and bacteria.
Liquid latex is collected by peeling the bark and collecting the milky substance. The rational use of natural resources, as with this collection of rubber wood does not suffer. About 15 grams of latex harvested from an average 1 tree per day. The average mattress needs daily collection with 2500 trees.
Natural latex, Natural latex, as its name implies, is "natural" which offers many advantages for use in products for sleep. Recently lovers of natural lifestyle are more prone to buying 100% natural latex mattresses. The elasticity of latex, promotes health reducing pressure on the muscles and circulation. The benefits and comfort simply cannot be matched by any other material.

Produced in Sri Lanka, on the order of "EXSPRESSCHEAP".

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