Soy meat tastes in the range of 90 g DELMEGE, Sri Lanka

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Soy meat is one of the many natural ingredients included in the diets of millions of people due to the soybean plant of the Legume family.

Soy meat produced by extrusion from defatted soy flour mixed with water. Extrusion is a technological process in which the viscous liquid material, in this case, soy dough, pressed in a special machine (the extruder) through a hole of a certain shape (extrusion head). The extruder according to its structure, like a meat grinder: the body is a screw, by which the rotation of the weight moves, is fed to the extrusion head and through it is discharged to the outside. Under the influence of high pressure and high temperatures, undergo profound biochemical changes, texturing, i.e. a change in the structure (it becomes fibrous), and sterilization of raw materials. Due to this, the products obtained by extrusion method, is easier absorbed by the body. Changing nozzles to get the products with different configurations (beef, cereal, goulash, chops, etc.). This is followed by drying and packing ready products.

For cooking soy meat soaked in water or boiled. When this occurs, the process of rehydration - replenish lost fluid. Dry vegetable fibers absorb water and swell. When cooking, it is desirable to add spice to neutral T. S. p acquired their scent. Pieces of artificial meat, increasing in volume in 2-3 times. After that they can apply the same cooking process as in plain natural meat product.

soy meat is cooked beef Stroganoff, ABC, schnitzel, goulash, pilaf and many other dishes which traditionally use meat. Shelf life of dry product - 1 year, ready-made meals stored in the refrigerator for three days.

Composition and use of soy meat

Numerous studies have shown that soy meat for its nutritional properties are not inferior to natural, and on some indicators even surpasses it. Its main advantage is that more than 50% of it consists of protein, without sufficient amount of which can not normal functioning of the body. The substitute was a great alternative to meat as a source of protein, and even surpassed it, because it does not contain cholesterol.

the Presence of polyunsaturated fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6, and in perfect proportion, making soy meat is an important component in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases and the regulation of brain activity. The high content of lecithin contributes to the regulation of fat metabolism, lowers cholesterol.



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