Black tea with pomegranate flavor 100 gr. Sri lanka

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The use of tea drink with pomegranate is due to the fact that it has a bile and diuretic, anti - inflammatory, bactericidal, astringent, analgesic, restorative and antioxidant effect.

It improves the immune system, especially effective during SARS epidemics. Disinfects the oral cavity, can be used as an aid for sore throat, pharyngitis, stomatitis, etc.
Leads to strengthening vascular walls and lowering cholesterol. It helps with anemia, because it increases hemoglobin in the blood.
Improves the work of the digestive system. It should be remembered that Turkish pomegranate tea with the addition of fruit crusts has an astringent effect, so it can be used for diarrhea. Also, the drink helps to cleanse the body.
Useful in the treatment of diseases of the "thyroid".
Helps fight stress and nervous tension.
Can be used for cancer prevention (especially if there are pomegranate seeds in the composition).
It has a beneficial effect on the skin and hair, making them healthier and more beautiful.