Black tea with ginger "STEUARTS" 200 GRS, pack, Sri Lanka

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< p>the properties of ginger in tea are much higher than in the powder used in cooking. It is possible to distinguish three directions of influence of ginger tea:

cardiovascular system;
metabolism (digestive system);
sexual sphere.
Black tea with ginger in its invigorating effect can quite replace coffee, especially this fact will please people prone to hypertension. Coffee is contraindicated for them, and ginger, on the contrary, is able to lower blood pressure. The high content of magnesium and potassium makes this product very beneficial to the heart and blood vessels. It strengthens the heart muscle and blood vessels, and breaks down and removes cholesterol.< / p>Ginger tea accelerates the production of digestive enzymes, stimulates the liver, pancreas and stomach, promotes the activation of the digestive process. A fast metabolism is the basis of good shape and normalization of weight, as the fats coming from the food digested and not deposited "in reserve".

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