Vinegar Coconut natural  330 ml, KIST, Sri Lanka

Vinegar Coconut natural 330 ml, KIST, Sri Lanka

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Natural coconut vinegar. Coconut vinegar - 100% natural product obtained from ripe coconut or juice of the coconut palm. Purified vinegar is characterized by yellow, with raw – white, turbid, with mother of pearl. To taste coconut vinegar – tart, sweet, can be a little sharp.
Vinegar is very pleasant to the taste, strong and slightly sweet, "oxynet" it is unobtrusive, perfect for salad dressings and marinades. Coconut vinegar is more nutritious than Apple.Coconut vinegar can be produced using the SAP of the plant that drips from a cut done in the inflorescence, where the matured coconut. The juice is collected in containers, and the incisions are updating twice a day. Juice spaevaet acetate under the influence of enzymes and bacteria in it and does not require additional additives.It exceeds other vinegars in its properties, it includes a large number of vitamins (C, b), 17 amino acids, mineral elements (iron, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, sodium, potassium). Contains a unique portion of the product acetic uterus, a substance that contains live probiotics, nutritional enzymes (enzymes), and other necessary minerals for the body. Coconut vinegar is known for its healing properties in the treatment of various skin diseases and is a wonderful natural addition to any therapy for internal purification of the body.
WHAT YOU CAN DO WITH VINEGAR:use as a dressing for various salads. In salads vinegar is not worse than lemon juice. Vinegar is one of the main components of a marinade for fish or meat. (quite a few tsp)is used for workpieces of different vegetables for the winter, vinegar to dampen the baking soda when making dough, add it to sauces, curdling with it, milk gives a special taste to dishes of Japanese and Chinese cuisine, especially sushi and roast pork, helps to cook a beautiful and easy-to-clean chicken eggs, if added to the water for cooking. (1 liter of water - 2 tbsp vinegar) rice will not stick together if in the water, where it cooks, add a teaspoon of vinegar, rinse the hair after using natural solid shampoo, makes hair soft and silky, cleans hair dust and dirt, eliminates dandruff, itching, seborrhea, maintains color after dyeing (1 l of warm water - 1 tbsp vinegar). Coconut vinegar suited for marinating meat, fish, cooking seafood, salad dressings, sauces, mayonnaise.



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