Cloves Whole 50 gr. Sri Lanka

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Cloves have a burning taste and a peculiar strong aroma. Moreover, the burning and aroma are concentrated in different places of the Bud. The most delicate flavor gives the hat, and the burning part is located in the petiole. The petiole of the clove after fermentation should become elastic and leave an oily trace of essential oil on the paper when pressed. Ground cloves lose their consumer qualities relatively quickly and are not acceptable for consumption. To determine the quality of cloves, it is enough to throw it into the water with force. Spice should sink, in extreme cases, float vertically, hat up. If it floats horizontally, it is a sign of poor quality (since the heavy essential oil has almost evaporated). Mainly in cooking, cloves are used to prepare marinades (mushroom, fruit and berry, meat, vegetable, less fish). Mixtures of spices, which include cloves, are used in confectionery, fish canning and sausage production.For preparations sweet dishes (compotes, puddings, confectionery products) is used cloves or on their own or in a mixture with cinnamon. It is better to use head (hats) cloves.