Curry Leaves Whole 25 gr. Sri Lanka

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Curry (from Tamil kari) - seasoning from a mixture of spices based on turmeric root, which appeared, apparently, in India, by now widespread everywhere. Turmeric itself, having a strong smell, has a weak, inexpressive and partly unpleasant taste, so it is "improved" by adding other components. Curry has a mild taste (although there are sharp versions of the mixture) and a strong characteristic aroma. The classic mandatory component of the seasoning is the leaf of the curry plant (Murraya Koenig), however, due to the low availability, it is often replaced with fenugreek. In India, as a rule, the mixture is made shortly before use from fresh ingredients, the composition is not fixed and is determined "to taste". Outside India, curry is known as a dry powder. It is used for flavoring and coloring rice, vegetables, meat, poultry, soft drinks.