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Capsules "Baraka" Lunuwila with black cumin seed to improve brain performance

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BARAKA MEMO PLUS, 60 capsules
Baraka Memo Plus is a combination of Lunuwila with black cumin seed in capsules. Improves memory functions and sustained emotional state that increases concentration and improves perception in children 100% natural product.
Lunuwila (Brahmi, Bacopa monniera) is an aquatic plant, widely used for recovery, has a century-long reputation as an effective and powerful herb helpful for memory and combating stress. Black cumin strengthens the immune system, improves functioning of internal organs.
Baraka Memo Plus acts as an adaptogen helps the body cope in stressful situations and to adapt to new conditions, is used as a nootropic tool to improve the functioning of the brain and improve perception of information.
Baraka Memo Plus is used for:
improve the functioning of the brain;increase memory;regeneration of brain tissue;adaptogen, strengthen the nervous system;improve concentration and emotional stability in children;a strong antioxidant, prevents oxidation caused by free radicals;improve the work of kidneys;the normalization of blood sugar levels;maintain, stimulation of the liver after damage by toxins;normalization of blood pressure;increasing the production of nitric oxide in the body, strengthen the smooth muscles of the blood vessels.Baraka Memo Plus thanks to the combination of two valuable, proven for centuries components lunuwila and black cumin seed, is one of the best natural tonic food for children and adults, has a beneficial effect on brain health and the entire body.
Method of application:
Adults: two capsules per day after meals
Children: One capsule per day after food (preferably taken with milk).
Packing 60 capsules
One capsule contains: Lunuwila, seeds of black cumin.
Have lunuwila with black cumin seed is recommended to improve brain performance, improve the perception of information and improving concentration in children. 100% natural product.
It is not a medicine



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