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The return of the Product is carried out in accordance with the "Return Conditions" specified on this page. The rules for the return of Goods can be set by each relevant Seller independently and are published on the corresponding Page of the Seller. "EXPRESS CHIP is not obligated to return the Goods sold by the Sellers.

The refund to the Buyer is made to the personal account of the Internet platform EXSPRESSCHEAP.RU of the customer within 2 (two) working days from the date of receipt of the goods at the Seller's warehouse.


The refund of funds to the Buyer is made to the bank account within 5 (five) – 30 (thirty) working days (the period depends on the Bank that issued the bank card), from the moment of receipt of the goods at the Seller's warehouse.

A return of a good quality Product is a product in its original ("native") packaging, with all the labels that were available at the time of sale.

Damaged goods, with traces of socks, with torn labels, are not subject to return! Gift souvenirs and postcards are also non-refundable.

The Buyer does not have the right to refuse the ordered and paid Goods.

The return of the Goods of inadequate quality:

A product of improper quality means a product that is defective and cannot ensure the performance of its functional qualities. The received product must match the description of the ordered product on the Website http://exspresscheap.ru The difference between the design elements or design from the description stated on the Site is not a sign of improper quality.

The appearance and completeness of the Goods, as well as the completeness of the entire Order, must be checked by the Recipient at the time of receipt of the Goods.

Upon receipt of the Order at the post office of the Recipient is obliged to inspect the delivered Product and to produce its opening in the presence of the postal workers to check the Goods for compliance with the quantity, assortment and completeness of Goods and also test the life of the delivered Goods and packaging integrity. If there are claims to the delivered Goods (under-investment, attachment of Goods other than those specified in the inventory of the shipment, manufacturing defects, other claims), at the direction of the Recipient, the Post Office employees draw up a Report on the identified inconsistencies. If the Recipient has not filed a claim in the above manner, the Seller is considered to have fully and properly fulfilled its obligation to transfer the Goods.

If the Goods of improper quality were handed over to the Buyer and this was not agreed in advance by the Seller, the Buyer has the right to use the provisions of Article 18 "Consumer rights when defects are found in the goods" of the Law on Consumer Protection.

The requirement to return money paid for the product amounts to be satisfied within 30 days from the date of the relevant requirements by the Purchaser and confirmation of their claims above mentioned documents, in the above terms (article 22 of the RF Law "On protection of consumer rights").

The refund is made by returning the cost of the paid Product to the bank card that was used to pay for the order. Methods of refund of funds paid for Goods of improper quality sold by Sellers are determined by such sellers themselves and are indicated on the relevant Pages of the Sellers.

They are not subject to exchange and return (according to the List approved by the decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of January 19, 1998 No. 55):

Products for the prevention and treatment of diseases at home (sanitation and hygiene items made of metal, rubber, textiles and other materials, medical instruments, devices and equipment, oral hygiene products, eyeglass lenses, child care items), medicines.

Personal hygiene items (toothbrushes, combs, hair clips, hair curlers, wigs, hairpieces, and other similar products).

Perfumery and beauty products.

Textile goods (cotton, linen, silk, wool and synthetic fabrics, goods made of non-woven materials such as fabrics-ribbons, braid, lace, and others); cable products (wires, cords, cables); construction and finishing materials (linoleum, film, carpet, and others) and other goods sold per square meter.

Sewing and knitwear (underwear, hosiery).

Products and materials that come into contact with food, made of polymer materials, including for single use (tableware and kitchen utensils, containers and packaging materials for storing and transporting food).

Household chemicals, pesticides and agrochemicals.

Household furniture (furniture sets and sets)

Jewelry and other products made of precious metals and (or) precious stones, faceted precious stones.

Motor vehicles and motor goods, trailers and numbered units for them; mobile means of small-scale mechanization of agricultural work; pleasure craft and other household watercraft.

Sophisticated household goods with warranty period (machines tools and woodworking appliances; electrical machinery and equipment; home electronic equipment; home computing and copying equipment; photographic and cinematographic equipment; telephones and facsimile apparatus; electronic musical instruments; electronic toys, household gas appliances and equipment; watches and pocket mechanical, electro-mechanical and electronic, with two or more functions).

Civilian weapons, the main parts of civilian and service firearms, ammunition for them.

Animals and plants.

Non-periodical publications (books, brochures, albums, cartographic and musical editions, sheet music editions, calendars, booklets, publications reproduced on technical media).

The return shipment is carried out at the expense of the buyer!

Please note that parcels sent with cash on delivery will not be claimed and will be returned to the sender after the expiration of the storage period at the post office.

In case of return delivered by Mail in connection with any claims to the Item, the Recipient must attach to the Shipment, and send it to e-mail the Seller and the administration of the site ( client@exspresscheap.ru), (scanned copy or photo format .jpeg,. png) containing the returned Product, the following documents:

1. a copy of the payment receipt or other document confirming the purchase of the returned product on the Internet site http://exspresscheap.ru

2. photos with identified product defects.

3. a copy of the shipment inventory;

4. the return form. ( download)