Masks made of hand-made wood 8 inches, Sri Lanka

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Masks made of hand-made wood 8 inches, Sri Lanka: характеристики, отзывы, описание, обзор, фотографии. Широкий выбор товаров в интернем магазине ExspressCheap

All masks are cut by hand, masks are painted with natural colors, the whole process of making masks is handmade. Secrets of making masks in Sri Lanka over the years are carefully stored and passed on to the masters by their craftsmen. The material from which the masks are created is the Kadur tree, growing in wetlands on the outskirts of rice fields, the wood of which is extremely soft and light. Thanks to this, the masks are light in weight and comfortable to wear. The tree is first dried. After that, the trunk is cut into parts, from which the base for the mask is cut. Further, to protect the product, the mask base is left to be smoked for seven days. After the preparatory stage, when the wood is completely ready for further processing, the facial features are formed. Then the mask is polished, polished and applied to the surface of various paints. First put a yellow color, which is the main one. Other colors are chosen in accordance with the characteristics of certain types of masks. The secret to the durability and brightness of the masks of Sri Lanka is the special Doran oil, which is added to the paints. Masks of the Sri Lankans are not just traditional wooden products, they contain a soul and a secret meaning. They are created in order to convey certain human emotions and character. Only true masters know the real secrets, how to turn a small piece of wood into a work of art.

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